Zapatos para ensamblar

Two prototypes designed and produced by the Fab-Products project at FabLab Barcelona ( whose design and production instructions can be released as open code with your support.

The two shoe models with their easy to assemble structure have been developed by Diego Bustamante, Sanjay Fernandes and Marcela Rozo, have been conceptualised as a process of open design and self-construction.

«Assemblable Shoes» is a project chosen from the Fab-Products 2011 call to develop products in FabLab Barcelona with the support of the (IAAC) Instituto de Arquitectura Avanzada de Cataluña and ICUB, Barcelona.

After a research and prototyping phase we want to finish development, produce a limited run and open up the final design through this campaign in Goteo.

You can support the project and get a pair of the first models manufactured in FabLab Barcelona.

At the same time, the initiative has international projection as once the design is opened anybody in the international network of FabLabs ( will be able to make their own open source shoes.

more  here



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